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Service & Maintenance

All HVAC systems require regular and systematic inspection & skilled maintenance. Carelessness and neglect can prove to be costly.

Our maintenance  contract schedules will keep onboard HVAC  systems running at optimum performance

and help prevent age related deterioration, corrosion and breakdowns. Poor air quality on board leaves the crew open to exposure to air borne contaminants which could have adverse health effects.

HVAC systems are thoroughly serviced and cleaned, including anti-bacterial dis- infecting. On completion a comprehensive service report & diagnosed faults will be handed over to the client. Quotations for any  replacements or parts required are attached to the final report.


​Installation of a wide variety of HVAC equipment. Including pipework, chillers, pressure testing, evacuation and charging of globally accepted & accredited ozone friendly refrigerants.


Surveys & Reports

​Site surveys and comprehensive HVAC equipment reports.

Ducting imaging & reports.

Visual AHU system inspections and  sample collection for indoor air quality monitoring.


Commissioning of:

Air conditioning systems.

A/C Duct and Fresh Air balancing

Pressurization of hazardous areas

Chillers & packaged HVAC systems

Ventilation & extraction systems

Health & Safety 

Our Health & Safety officer is qualified, certified and custodian of the Safety Management System Manual and procedures. In-house and external training programmes are conducted for safety orientation in respect of new employees. Courses are also given to existing employees for purposes of keeping their knowledge up-to-date.

Contact Us: ​+27 (21) 949 8955​​

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