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Maritime Vessel Duct Cleaning

The cleanliness of HVAC Air Ducts is probably the most overlooked maintenance item, yet it can have a most disruptive effect on facility comfort and business operations. Dirty ducting can lead to sickness of personnel and other contributing factors in the much researched Sick Building Syndrome. During the design of Offshore Oil & Gas HVAC Systems adequate fresh air for each person on board should be carefully engineered, this is essential for their health and well being when living and working in environmentally controlled areas.

Contaminants and dust accumulate and line the ducting internally. Air diffusers and grills, fans, heaters, dampers and other air control devices are all effected. The contaminants are similar to household dust, which contains dead human skin cells, human hair, and other contaminants from bedding, food and other sources. 


Regular duct cleaning should be part of a routine HVAC maintenance program, this will have a positive effect on the operation of a facility, particularly in the Living Quarters where operations personnel are sleeping day and night. Careful planning and maintenance is therefore essential to minimize disruptions and personnel downtime.


Duct cleaning scope:

Identify ducting routes from drawings, or survey layout and provide new drawings if lost.

Identify points where duct access hatches are to be fitted if required.

Establish an operational and execution plan with timetables for individual areas of work to minimize disruption to facility.

Consumable materials and equipment:

Waste storage bags
Disposable protective clothing
Face masks and eye protection
Other PPE
Ductwork access hatches
Cleaning and disinfecting materials


A planning schedule is produced by the E.R.A.S.E Project Manager in coordination with Customers Facility Manager,

this schedule will include:

Review of Health, Safety and Environmental requirements on board
Areas to be cleaned on a day to day basis
Identifying sensitive areas such as sleeping for shift workers, dining facilities and operation control centers, these areas will be given priority in planning a work schedule.


HVAC duct cleaning offshore presents its own particular set of difficulties so careful planning becomes essential.
Type of equipment required needs to be tailored to meet every eventuality. E.R.A.S.E has invested heavily in the very latest equipment including remote control inspection cameras and the conventional flexible shaft and brush cleaning systems


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